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Pamper yourself with 3D Brows by Carla

Pamper yourself with 3D Brows by Carla

Professional Manicurist in Yakima, WA

Getting your nails done by a professional is much more satisfying than completing an uneven in-home manicure on your couch. How many times have you been in the middle of painting your fingers or toes only to look up for one second and get nail polish all over your hand or foot in return? Bypass that by visiting Carla at 3D Brows by Carla!

An extensively trained esthetician, Carla knows how to pamper and make you feel like your best you after a visit to get your nails done. With a focus on comfort, fun and beauty 3D Brows by Carla will give you nails that'll make everyone around you envious!

Not only will a mani/pedi make you feel fresh and beautiful, there are also long term benefits to your physical and mental health. A.K.A., let's get that next appointment scheduled! Here are just a few benefits to your physical and mental health that getting a simple mani/pedi can improve upon:

  1. Skin Care: your hands and feet are vulnerable to excessive dirt, grim and callouses. Mani/pedis provide you with the opportunity to get rid of old, dead skin and will remove grime. Mani/pedis will exfoliate your skin to reveal fresh healthy skin and get rid of any callouses hanging around. Not only does it make your hands and feet more attractive, it makes your skin healthier and softer!
  2. Blood Flow: During your mani/pedi, you receive hand, foot and leg massages that increase blood flow and circulation.
  3. Fungal Infections: We all know that your feet are prone to fungal infections when exposed to moist environments (wearing shoes everyday!). While fungal infections can take up to a couple of weeks to be noticed, professional manicurist and esthetician, Carla will be able to identify and recommend steps to heal fungal infections in the early stages.
  4. Mental Health: A simple mani/pedi is a GREAT way to relax, get pampered and feel beautiful. Simply taking an hour out of your day for some personal pampering you-time is a wonderful way to completely relieve stress.

    Don't stress yourself out trying to perfectly paint your nails- leave that to Carla at 3D Brows!